On this route you will visit the Calamuchita Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in the province.
By road you can enjoy stunning viewpoints, streams, rivers and lakes. Magnificent nature full of crystaline
waters and peaceful beaches.



  • Walk across the path in de La Cumbrecita town, between pine forests, to get to the waterfall and natural pools.
  • Visit Villa General Belgrano during its traditional fests (Oktoberfest, Alpine chocolate, Viennese mass, etc.).
  • Discover lonely and quiet beaches in the rivers of Calamuchita Valley.
  • Travel by horse or quad bike through the town of El Durazno and the surrounding area.
  • Learn to Water Ski or Wakeboard in Embalse, with the famous Gerard Le Moy.



START- Going to La Cumbrecita

On the way to Calamuchita Valley you will pass many spectacular viewpoints. Once in La Cumbrecita we recommended that you explore the streets and alleys throughout the town. La Cumbrecita was the first town in Argentina to ban cars and become completely pedestrian which creates the atmosphere you’d imagine in a fairy tale.

Villa General Belgrano

This village must be visited. Villa General Belgrano is famous throughout Argentina because of its German festivals and traditions.

Reaching El Durazno

After a short trip across pine forest and clear water streams, you will arrive to El Durazno. The best place to get in touch with nature and forget about the modern world.

Recovering energy

We recommended that you spend at least one full day exploring the town, wander the streets and discover the best landscapes and quiet beaches next to the natural pools running off the river.

An adventure day

There are beautiful spots very close o El Durazno, with virgin nature and magnificent rivers and beaches, such as Río Grande, San Miguel de los Ríos, or Pinar de los Ríos. It is possible to travel on 4wd trucks or Quads. Only for the adventurous: reach the Champaquí Summit, the highest peak of Cordoba.

RETURN to Ciudad de Cordoba

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