This high mountain road is one of the best trips in Córdoba: you will cross the stunning High Lands also known as the Big Hills, with its many natural viewpoints, deep canyons, and the
clearest skies you have ever seen. On the opposite side of the hills there are extremely beautiful
mountain towns with people and places that seem unchanged by time, all waiting for you.



  • Visit Rocsen Multifaceted Museum, in Nono place.
  • Take a lunch at the Villa de las Rosas culinary fair.
  • Tastings at the Malbec Reserva in El Noble Wine Cellar, San Javier.
  • Contemplate the Sunset from the “Escenario del cielo”.
  • Explore dirt alleys between the small towns of behind high lands, to discover old style grocery stores and their typical characters.
  • Rent a sit-on-top kayak in Boca del Río Camping, and paddle across the water at Las Tapias.



STARTING – Into the Hills

The road cross the High Lands will take you on a journey through a high natural plateau. Moving through this landscape is a real adventure. You will pass by an astronomical observatory and the National Park which has many natural viewpoints with breathtaking views.

By the way of Brochero Priest

At the beginning of the Mina Clavero River you will have the opportunity to visit a giant waterfall. Then travel by the original road first created by Cura Brochero, discover the history of the local Saint and see Sergios favourite views.


…… peaceful town situated in a unique environment full of native forest. ….. has been chosen by many artists to develop there music, writing and painting. We highly recommended an overnight stay in the Calma Nono Natural Suites. You will enjoy their exclusive services and a magnificent view of the mountains.

Charming Towns

Going south from Nono to Yacanto, you will find many towns full of warmth and charm, such as Villa Las Rosas, San Javier, Yacanto and La Paz. Explore the dirt roads and discover unique spots.

Wines, handicrafts and stunning viewpoints

San Javier is a town waiting to be explored. Visit its quaint square in front of the main church, the craft stores, or go into the hill roads and visit Bodega Noble de San Javier Wine Cellar and “Escenario del Cielo” (a perfect place to contemplate the sunset).

Yacanto - La Paz - Loma Bola

In addition to the traditional houses and small stores on this route, the Hotel Yacanto includes a magnificent park and a rich history that is absolutely worth a visit. Together La Paz and Loma Bola are two destination lost in the time which have not been affected by the modern age.

RETURN - Córdoba city

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